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We have a county full of hardworking people: from the farmers that feed our planet, the law enforcement and firefighters that keep us safe, to the men and women who keep the roads clear after a blizzard, or those that are building and repairing our roads and bridges. I recognize that the county is hurting, and we are all doing our best to raise families and get by. If elected, your interests will be my focus — public safety, smart government, improved quality of life, and economic development. Join me in this mission. Together we can REFRESH Rock Island County!

- Calvin Dane


Pro Union/Labor

Pro Choice

Justice for ALL

Smart Government

Save the Courthouse!

As Rock Island County State’s Attorney, I promise no more "business as usual". I will . . .

  • Stand with, and empower, victims;

  • Work with Quad-City area police agencies, as well as other local federal and state prosecution offices, to go after our area’s worst criminals;

  • Be smarter, not harsher, on those suffering from drug addiction, and mental health issues;

  • Collaborate with the community and law enforcement on instituting programs that help prevent juvenile criminals from recidivating;

  • Work closely with the Rock Island County Board to avoid needless lawsuits, and unnecessary hiring of outside legal counsel (both waste taxpayer money);

  • Review the entire office budget, and rebid all supplier and vendor contracts, to make sure we are spending taxpayer money wisely; and

  • Keep an open door to the public, and make our office accountable to you!

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