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I’m Calvin Dane, and I’m running in the Democratic Primary for Rock Island County State’s Attorney in March 2020 because Rock Island County needs to be REFRESHED. As I have gone around meeting with members of our community, I hear again and again that we need young and enthusiastic leadership to step up and move our county forward and make the office of State’s Attorney accountable to the people. People of Rock Island County, I see you, I hear you!


I have been a member of the Rock Island State’s Attorney’s Office for more than three years. During my time working in this office, I have come to see firsthand much of what is standing in the way of improving our community - increasing crime, addiction, untreated mental health disease and disorder, inefficient use of our resources and avoidable lawsuits costing the county hundreds of thousands of dollars, that we in turn pay for through higher taxes. To fix these problems, we cannot have any more “business as usual”, we need long-term focus and a stronger partnership with law enforcement and our community. 


Join with me, and together we can REFRESH Rock Island County! 


Dane Enters State's Attorney Race